Secure Software Solutions LLC. of Topeka, Ks.

We Build Software Applications For All Platforms Such As: Mobile, Desktop, Web

Client/Server Applications

Software Development

Application design requires a strong technical background. The product must consider your application requirements but also security best practices integrated into each applications overall architecture. As the product is developed we take the time and make sure that each developed version is platform compatible across all browsers and devices.

Technical Experience

Application Development

Relational Database Design

Computer Networking

Project Management

15+ yr.
Web Applications
10+ yr.
Desktop Apps
7+ yr.
Mobile Apps
10+ yr.
10+ yr.
Complex Database ERD


Client-Server Applications

Let us do all of the work for you and build those complex database applications with our years of experience and team of developers.

Client-Server Application

Project Management

We can help manage the application project for you. Even if you have a budget for the project, we have the right team to help.

Database Design

Most enterprise level applications use a complex database, which is either local or somewhere in the cloud. The application product can securely connect to all of your business resources.

Small Business & Home Computer Networking

Do you need help managing your small business computer network. Keep your small business network infrastructure or personal/home network running without interference from an external attack.


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